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Dave Lampson

Vice President, MMD Innovative Ventures

Mr. Lampson is a prolific inventor and product developer launching many retail and commercial products into both domestic and international markets.

A well respected mentor to independent inventors, Mr. Lampson served the community as CEO of From Patent to Profit, a California based inventor education company who's development and distribution of education programs and assistance is well known in the industry.

Utilizing his skills as an accomplished entrepreneur and product developer, Mr. Lampson founded Creation Nation Inc., a California-based product-commercialization company. His honest and straightforward approach quickly earned the respect of his peers while creating strategic alliances with companies in a variety of categories such as Toys, Hardware, Organic Foods, Health & Beauty, Housewares, Sporting goods, Lawn & Garden, and Kitchen & Bath.

The bedrock of Mr. Lampson's professional career has always been his strong relationships with major retailers including Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, True Value Hardware, Ace Hardware and companies such as GE, Hasbro, Rubbermaid, and Daymon Worldwide.

Using his experience, passion, and understanding of the product-commercialization process, Mr. Lampson serves as a professional liaison between inventors and Innovative Venture's corporate clients. This highly-effective collaboration has helped create a unique Innovation architecture allowing ideas to flow seamlessly to companies that have an insatiable need for new products.

Organizations such as the United States Patent & Trademark Office, Consumer Reports magazine, and Fox News rely on Lampson as a source for trustworthy information, while major retailers, Shopping Networks, Direct Response TV, Catalog, and Master Distributors look to Lampson for a dependable flow of innovative products.

A consistently requested speaker and panelist, Mr. Lampson has earned respect from the inventor community as an honest, straightforward educator always willing to help wherever he can.

Mr. Lampson attended San Jose State university, with an academic emphasis on Business Administration. He currently resides in Northern California with his wife and two daughters.